It's Not Wind Dog!

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Now that Bud Light has gotten total hell for the dog-biting-the-crotch spot, not to mention the flatulent horse-come on, did you ever meet a horse that wasn't flatulent?-we have a new appreciation of the subtle use of animals in laddie beer advertising. And this Coors Light "Wingdog" spot, part of the "Musical Ambassador Campaign," following up a "Wingman" bit, is not only comparatively subtle, it's driven by an emo-drenched acoustic guitar ditty. Outside of the lyrical reference to a "9-inch tail," this spot could probably pass muster even with Mel Gibson's father. And that falsetto "Wingdog" hook just makes us wanna sing the brews.

Client: Coors Light Agency: Deutsch/L.A. ECD: Eric Hirshberg ACD/CW: Eric Springer ACD/AD: Michael Kadin CW: Brad Beerbohm AD: Chris D'Amico Agency Producers: Randy Morton, Alex Brook Director: Baker Smith/Harvest Editor: Paul Martinez/Lost Planet Music/Lyrics: Eric Hirshberg, Chris Lee, Brad Beerbohm, Eric Springer Performer: Chris Lee

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