"What, Me Worry About Killing You?"

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Mountain Dew's fabulous "Spy vs. Spy" homages have come home to the land of Alfred E. Neuman. Yes, there's now a Dew "Spy" strip made for Mad magazine. There's also a custom strip for DC Comics that tells the same story in one fewer frame. As we figured, Mad readers are clearly more sophisticated than the superhero comics crowd. Though as chief Mountain Dew dude Bill Bruce notes, "Today, 'Spy vs. Spy' has found a whole new generation of fans who claim it for their own, completely unaware that the characters were inspired by a comic strip that first appeared in Mad during the Cold War. Our theory is that when something's cool, it doesn't matter what era it came from. It'll be cool because there's something that came out of it that's honest and truthful and taps into some part of a human emotion." Like crushing and humiliating your enemies.

Client: Mountain Dew Agency: BBDO/N.Y. ECD: Bill Bruce CW/ADs: Bill Bruce, Doris Cassar Art Director: Melinda Ward

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