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Xenadrine: what the hell is it? Its slogan is "Get an X-rated body," which is a pretty good slogan, but it's just a big tease. As are these two preposterous but wonderful Xenadrine spots. In one, a Gen Z dude sitting in a kitchen hits on a ripely appealing hottie who wanders onto the scene; she turns out to be his friend's mother. In the other, two office workers get it on like rutting beavers in a supply room while their fellow employees stand outside and gawk at the closed door. One remarks of the svelte, sexy woman within, who's stripped to her undies, "Three months ago she couldn't even fit in the closet." It's not really a closet they're in, but never mind. Whatever Xenadrine is, we want it and we're planning to take three times the recommended dose for a XXX-rated body. So these are great commercials.

Client: Xenadrine Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers, N.Y. CD/CW: Guy Barnett CD/AD: Callum Macgregor Graphic Designer: Lauren Hartstone Director: Anders Hallberg/Believe Media Editor: Sabrina Huffman/Crew Cuts Music/Sound Design: Amber Music

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