Xtreme schooling

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Paper Mate's back-to-school bash could start a fashion trend. "Every few seconds, a favorite pen is lost, swiped or borrowed and never returned-which is simply a polite way of stealing," says O&M/Chicago writer Dave Metcalf. "Next to socks, pens disappear more than any other object. Pen theft is a very serious problem in our society, yet no one seems to be doing anything about it. With Paper Mate introducing two innovative writing instruments-a pen with a highlighter on the other end, and a self-advancing mechanical pencil-it just made sense to try to put an end to this madness." Nice work, Dave. Now give us back our other sock. Besides this inspired earring idea, ads feature a ransom note for a Paper Mate held hostage; another stuck into the spirals in a notebook, the metal fashioned into barb wire; and notebook doodles of tanks forming a protective ring around a pen.

Client: Paper Mate Agency: Ogilvy & Mather/Chicago ECD: Joe Sciarrotta CDs: Chris Turner, Dave Metcalf ADs: Chris Turner, Inger Tanderup, Megan Evans CWs: Dave Metcalf, Per Klixbull, Jen Arvia Photographer: Andrew Martin

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