Of Yaks and Yucks

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And you thought Hoegaarden was a cool name for a beer? How can you top Bierbitzch? Unfortunately, a previous campaign had already plumbed the depths of the obvious, including an ad, says writer Brian Marabello of Costa Mesa, Calif., freelance setup Straw Dogs, featuring a hottie in a thong and the line, "Nothing goes down like a Bierbitzch." So a new strategy was required. The beer "is Icelandic, or at least it purports to be, and that was enough for us," Marabello explains. "One Frommer's guide and a few Google searches later, we had more than enough material." We're impressed with any beer that can get "pickled rams testicles" into an ad, never mind the friggin' missing apostrophe. Other homeland-of-Bj"rk-bashers: "Proud sponsor of the Greater Rejkjavik wet pelt contest," and "Traditional chaser to shots of fermented yak's milk."

Client: J"sef Bierbitzch Golden Pilsner Agency: Straw Dogs AD: Brian Morgan CW: Brian Marabello

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