Brazil agencies set up creative bank

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[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] In an attempt to stop marketers or other agencies from appropriating their creative ideas, Brazilian ad agencies can now deposit their ideas for ads in an "advertising repository" developed by Brazil's Advertising Agency Association (ABAP) with the help of copyright lawyers. "Ideas can't be protected by law but when it comes to advertising, ideas sometimes take form-they become scripts, or recorded CDs," said copyright specialist Antonio Murta Filho. "The advertising market is very fluid; there's no loyalty. That's why ideas can easily be stolen." Agencies pay a small fee to "deposit" an idea, such as a concept that was presented in a pitch, for up to a year. Armando Strozenberg, ABAP's president, said that 260 ideas have already been deposited for protection. Industry groups in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru have contacted him about developing similar programs, Mr. Strozenberg said.
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