Cigarette makers rebrand in Europe

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[London] Cigarette marketers are rebranding across Europe to sidestep a European Union directive that outlaws terms such as "light" "mild" and "ultra" after Sept. 30. Camel Lights are to become Camel Smooth, and its Ultra Lights will be labeled Camel Refined. Marlboro is dropping the term "light" and color-coding its packs instead. Other cigarette makers are adopting terms such as "fine" and "smooth." The EU directive was issued after research showed that low-tar cigarettes are no less likely to cause death in a smoker than full-tar equivalents. To coincide with the rules, the U.K. Department of Health is funding a campaign called "Death Repackaged" that warns smokers "A nice name doesn't make something less deadly." A print ad by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London, shows footage of dangerous animals with cuddly names: Susie the shark, Rose the rattlesnake and Mike the crocodile.
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