David Blaine stunt inspires marketers

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[London] Magician David Blaine is attracting advertising as well as the eggs, tomatoes and beer cans that British bystanders are hurling at the box in which he is spending 44 days without food suspended over the Thames in London. Mr. Blaine, best known for sealing himself into a block of ice in New York's Times Square for 62 hours, has only a journal, a Chapstick and a supply of diapers for company. Grey Worldwide London and Procter & Gamble Co. spotted a tactical opportunity for a U.K. newspaper ad when they saw photos of Blaine's model girlfriend braving the dangerous conditions to clean her beloved's cage of the filth thrown at it by spectators. P&G's household cleaner, Flash, uses a "quick and easy cleaning" promise -exactly the properties Mr. Blaine's girlfriend would hope for as she dangles precariously above the river.
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