Group aims to ban junk-food ads

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[Copenhagen, Denmark] In an attempt to curb childhood obesity, Denmark's government-funded National Consumer Council is lobbying legislators to ban TV ads for sugary breakfast cereals and unhealthy foods such as McDonald's Happy Meals that are targeted to kids. Denmark's Department of Health has agreed to examine enacting a law similar to one in Sweden that bans all TV advertising aimed at children under 12. "Consumers, and particularly parents ... don't need the state to tell them the benefits of a varied diet," said Christian Linde, marketing director for Quaker Oats, maker of one of the targeted cereals, Sugar Puffs. "We sell just as much porridge as our sugar-rich breakfast cereals. Our research shows that Frosties and Sugar Puffs are often served as a special treat at weekends or holidays because, to be quite honest, what kid wants to eat porridge every day?"
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