International Review: Trading places in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a land of brand contrarians, where Burger King outsells McDonald's, Coors beats Bud and about 60% of all cars are Japanese brands, giving Toyota de Puerto Rico a whopping 25% market share. A car-loving people that thrives in raucous traffic jams, Puerto Ricans and their vehicles are inseparable.

In the "Mecanicos" spot for the Toyota Corolla, an army of displaced car mechanics struggle to learn new trades. Amid a line of chefs cooking, a guy in a gray uniform pours liquid into his wok-from an oil can. Next, a florist draws a long-stem red rose from a bouquet as though he were checking oil with a dipstick. Another ex-mechanic carefully hangs sheets on a clothesline with jumper cable clips instead of clothespins.

Why aren't these men fixing Puerto Rico's many cars? The answer is a question that ends the spot: "Where would mechanics be if every car were a Corolla?"

"Mecanicos" is the best yet in a series of spots about Corolla's reliability. In an earlier ad, a driver almost stops to help a beautiful woman with a broken down car. Just in time, he realizes the car is a Corolla and spots the trap by a nefarious bandido in disguise.

Toyota Corolla

Badillo Nazca

Saatchi & Saatchi,

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ad Review Rating: 3 stars

This popular spot won the TV Grand Prix at Puerto Rico's national Cuspide creative awards

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