Kidman to appear in Chanel No. 5 ads

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[London] Chanel shot a four-minute commercial for its No. 5 fragrance last month in Sydney, Australia, starring Nicole Kidman that will be screened in cinemas around the world this fall. The spot was conceived and directed by Baz Luhrmann, the Australian film director who worked with Ms. Kidman in the movie "Moulin Rouge." The U.K.'s Sunday Times newspaper reported a $10 million budget for the commercial. Chanel declined to comment.

Ms. Kidman's role in the commercial is part film star, part princess. Pursued by paparazzi, she escapes into a building where she meets and embraces Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro. She reappears to the applause of her fans, and the camera zooms in on her pendant, which bears the No. 5 logo. She will also appear in print ads for the fragrance.

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