Music execs warned over bill postings

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[London] U.K. bosses of major record labels including Sony, Warner and BMG, as well as the MTV U.K. president, have been threatened with up to five years in jail and disqualification from running a company. Antisocial-behavior orders, usually reserved for teenage delinquents, have been served on individual executives by two London councils this month in an attempt to halt illegal bill-posting.

Westminster Council has issued a "commitment to good behavior" ultimatum to 12 companies caught posting bills in the last six months, following the example set by Camden council in northwest London. Camden claims that between them, Sony (whose artists include Beyonce and George Michael) and BMG (Avril Lavigne and Dido) save up to $15 million a year on legitimate advertising costs by bill-posting in an area of just a few miles square. After court hearings and promises from Sony and BMG, Camden withdrew the summons against the two companies. Westminster is awaiting responses from its own targets.

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