Ogilvy's Poynton to head Cannes jury

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[London] Malcolm Poynton, executive creative director of WPP Group's Ogilvy & Mather London, was named jury president for the first Radio Lions jury at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in June. He will oversee a more complex judging process than that for visual media like TV and print. According to the festival organizers, radio entries must be in their original language, accompanied by an English-language script, plus a script in the original language if relevant. They also recommend that entries include a brief explanation and background, and for non-English entries, a translated version of the ad itself. The 15 radio judges will have up to 120 seconds to judge each entry, compared to just 20 seconds per ad for the print jury. But in those two minutes per entry, the judges must read the script and background notes, and listen to each ad in its original and, if necessary, translated versions.

Mr. Poynton, who gained experience judging radio when he chaired the U.K.'s Aerial Awards for radio last year, said, "The beauty of radio is that it's not exclusive in terms of budget-some regions are more challenged in terms of the cost of TV and print."

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