Spotlight: Hutchison Telecom

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Marketer: Hutchison Telecom

Agency: TBWA Worldwide, Hong Kong

What will phones do next? Hutchison tries to make futuristic 3G a cool must-buy for Asians

[Hong Kong] Hutchison Telecom hopes to transform its 3G interactive video mobile communications service in Hong Kong from a futuristic fantasy into a commercial success with a marketing campaign that shows off the extraordinary capabilities of the high-tech phones.

Hutchison already has 3G services in Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.

The service is called "3," short for 3G, or third-generation, mobile devices. First-generation handsets offered basic cellular services; the second added perks such as text messaging.

The last wave, dubbed 2.5G, had limited video capability, but 3G phones carry far more bandwith. Their most impressive feature: real-time person-to-person video calling. Users can also keep an eye on their homes through a Web camera.

The TV, print, out-of-home and point-of-sale launch by Omnicom Group's TBWA Worldwide, Hong Kong, and TBWA's integrated agency Tequila highlight 3's capabilities. Spots contrast images of ordinary events with playful illustrations of how 3 can turn those experiences into unique adventures.

A mountain biker, for example, watches a soccer match on his mobile phone while cycling through the countryside with a 3G phone attached to a handlebar bag. In another spot, a woman performs a handstand on a Hong Kong beach for her husband, who is stuck at home with a broken leg.

Phones are priced below $400-similar to 2.5G models-with incentives to buy more than one, since the high-tech video version of person-to-person calling only works if both have a 3G phone.

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