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Marketer: Procter & Gamble's Bold

Agency: Grey Worldwide London

P&G looks at the real role of laundry in family life

Procter & Gamble Co. is relaunching Bold in the U.K. with a new look and marketing strategy that positions the detergent as "Part of the fabric of life."

Bold has moved away from the traditional middle-class nuclear family to reflect the diversity of U.K. life in this campaign by Grey Worldwide London.The first spot features the relationship between a father (who does the laundry) and daughter, plus a T-shirt washed in Bold that provides a subtle thread running through the years. The daughter cuddles up to her father, comforted by the softness of his T-shirt as a small child and later as a teenager. Enjoying a ride on her boyfriend's motorcyle, she finds herself reaching out to feel the softness of his T-shirt as she did with her dad's clothing.

David Alberts, executive creative director at Grey, London, said the agency was keen to move away "from a format that we felt had ceased to be 100% relevant to real life." Previously Bold ads emphasized the low-cost combination of a two-in-one detergent and fabric conditioner.

Grey is also planning Bold-linked community projects, such as sponsoring donation of clothes to charities and aid programs between wealthy and less privileged schools in the same areas.

A second spot, due to air May 1, is made up of vignettes showing interaction between people from all sorts of backgrounds including the elderly, urban families and flatmates.

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