Spotlight: Sony PlayStation

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Client: Sony PlayStation

Agency: TBWA, London.

PlayStation builds a human mountain to broaden its appeal as a social, not solitary, experience.

Sony PlayStation 2 dominates the gaming console market with an average 70% to 80% share globally. To continue growing aggressively, Sony must keep expanding the category.

An epic new commercial, by Omnicom Group's TBWA, London, aims to appeal to a broader audience. "Mountain" dispenses with the more sinister feel of past commercials, which emphasized the power of the PlayStation experience over individual players, and instead promotes the console as a catalyst for good times. The spot will air in 30 countries in Europe and Asia.

Peter Brace Girdle, TBWA's account director for PlayStation, said, "'Mountain' is a dramatic expression of the social aspect of gaming. It's about inviting people to join in and making it a more social experience." The new tagline is "Fun, anyone?"

The spot starts with a series of solitary figures in lonely places and grows into a mass of people running toward a single location. As the crowd swells, people scramble on top of each other until they form a human mountain of hundreds of thousands of people, swamping the buildings around them.

The commercial was filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over six days, using a cast of 5,000 extras and motion capture technology developed for the battle scenes in "Lord of the Rings." The climactic final scene was shot on top of Rio's tallest building, a 40-floor skyscraper. A 30-foot wooden cone was constructed on the flat roof, and 80 stunt-people climbed up the frame, taking turns to jump off once they had reached the summit. The soundtrack is the Shirley Temple song, "Get on Board."

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