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Marketer: Honda U.K.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy London

Wieden team behind lauded "Cog" casts car and passengers as bright geometric shapes in latest Honda work.

Honda U.K.'s latest car advertising uses only colorful geometric shapes to launch the family-oriented FR-V. In the "Together" campaign, three characters named Marcia, Tom and baby Lola are each represented by a colored circle. The family dog Syd is a brown rectangle, and the car is just seen as a blue rectangle until the very last shot. To music from Swan Lake, Garrison Keillor tells how Tom and Marcia met, fell in love, produced Lola and now enjoy family outings in their FR-V.

The simple, charming story with bright shapes representing the characters and their surroundings was created by the team-Art Director Ben Walker and Copywriter Matt Gooden-behind the renowned "Cog" spot that swept awards shows two years ago. In "Cog," the duo amazed and delighted viewers and the ad community with a mesmerizing two-minute chain reaction using car parts.

Neil Christie, managing director of Wieden & Kennedy London, said, "We recommended something fresh and different that challenges the category, but for sound strategic reasons, not as an indulgence. The FR-V campaign may not linger over shots of metal but the story is absolutely about the product benefits of the car."

Since the agency won the account two-and-a-half years ago, Honda U.K.'s sales have grown 28%. The "Together" campaign is aimed at families and particularly young mothers.

It has been extended into interactive TV, print, point of sale and promotional literature. Honda has also produced a CD of family sing-along songs, as another manifestation of the "Together" theme. QwikFIND aaq31c

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