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Client: Adidas

Agency: TBWA Worldwide, Hong Kong.

Models look like they are really moving in this unusual magazine campaign

Adidas has adopted an innovative print campaign to promote its women's apparel line in Australia, in which the medium becomes an integral part of the message. The ads feature models wearing the latest Adidas clothing, splashed across double-page magazine spreads. Each ad is laid out in such a way that when readers turn the page of the magazine, the motion mimics the movement of the exercise demonstrated in the ad. One version shows a woman holding dumbbells with outstretched arms. Turning the page creates the illusion of her bringing her arms together. Another shows a woman doing sit-ups, so when the page is turned, her knees and chest meet as they would in reality. By discarding the traditional "show the clothes" approach typically adopted in sports-lifestyle advertising, the ads are stylish enough to appeal to active, style-conscious young women. At the same time, they demonstrate that Adidas clothing performs well, supporting the company's "Forever Sport" brand philosophy. Each execution will run as a standalone insert in women's magazines, including as the Australian editions of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, through the end of 2003, with support from point of sale and Internet advertising. Although the campaign was developed by TBWA Worldwide, Hong Kong, the Omnicom Group agency's regional hub for Adidas in Asia, specifically for Australia, the creative has generated interest in other Asian markets.

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