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Client: BMW

Agency: WCRS, London

BMW uses flowing ink from its archives to symbolize its vast knowledge of cars

BMW is introducing its re-designed 5 Series with "Ink," a 60-second spot that shows ink flowing out of all the notebooks, charts and files in the BMW offices, leaving only blank pages. The point is to demonstrate that everything BMW knows about building cars has been poured into the 5 Series, BMW's second biggest-selling model in the U.K. In the commercial, the ink forms a stream and then a river that makes its slow but purposeful way through deserted streets and out into an empty parking lot.

Terminator-like, the ink assembles itself into a car, starting with the internal workings-a fan and suspension springs-until the entire vehicle has been crafted out of the knowledge that went into producing it.

"We came up with a dramatization of the breadth of knowledge that has metaphorically built this car," said Simon Peck, the BMW account director at WCRS, part of Havas' Arnold Worldwide Partners.

The leap from the brief of demonstrating BMW's car knowledge to the tagline "All we know about the car, in a car" was not a giant one. But the campaign is another example, like Wieden & Kennedy's elaborate "Cog" chain reaction for the Honda Accord, of a car ad that breaks the mold.

Post production house Realise spent ten weeks on the film, writing new software based on fluid dynamics and complex mathematical formulas to define exactly how ink behaves.

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