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SCA, a Swedish paper-products giant, launches a pan-European marketing initiative this week in an attempt to get women to think differently about feminine-hygiene products. The campaign, the first by Publicis Groupe-backed Bartle Bogle Hegarty since winning the $170 million account in November, uses the language of fashion and clothing to promote Libresse panty liners and sanitary napkins as something women wear rather than something they use. One spot shows a woman on her way to a party in a demure evening dress. In the elevator, she rips and knots the dress to create a sexier, more striking outfit. The tagline is: "Feel secure. Wear Libresse."

In the panty-liners spot, a young woman confidently goes about her business in a crowded city. Small details of her outfit change constantly-shoes, bag, nail varnish, eyeshadow-while the voice-over declares, "The little things you wear can change the way you feel." Two print ads, using fashion photography and the imagery of dressmaking, are the first feminine-protection ads to run toward the front of U.K. women's magazines.

Helle Dahlgren Skov, communications manager at Libresse, said, "We wanted to get out of feminine-hygiene slang. Blue liquid and traditional demonstrations do work, but there are other ways to make the products more engaging to consumers and to give the brand a life of its own. The core idea of wearing the product works across different cultures and different market maturity levels, and it's something we can build on in the future."

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