U.K. posters spout tacky pickup lines

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[London] An unusual U.K. poster campaign features motion-sensitive posters and tacky pickup lines in an effort to discourage people from getting so drunk that they either start using such lines, or fall for people who do and have sexual encounters they may regret later. In bathrooms in U.K. bars and clubs, the motion-sensitive posters spout cheesy lines such as: "If they rewrote the alphabet, they'd have to put the `i' and the `u' together." The ads were created by Portman Group, an industry-funded group that promotes responsible drinking. The posters depict ugly faces and carry the tagline "If you do drink, don't do drunk." Chief Executive Jean Coussins said, "We want to surprise and engage people and make them think about their drinking." The Portman Group estimates that in the U.K. 1 million young adults drink to get drunk every week.
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