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Marketer: Sony Corp.

Agency: TBWA Worldwide, Singapore

Sony turns to Eskimos to make burning DVDs seem fun and display an igloo-full of Sony products

[Singapore] Sony Corp. faced three challenges. The company wanted to make burning lots of DVDs seem easy and fun, show lots of products in the same ad and be relevant in very different markets.

With all that in mind, Omnicom Group's TBWA Worldwide created three quirky spots for Sony's DVD product range, including DVD players, hard-disc recorders, Handycams and Vaios.

"The brief was to promote a DVD-burning culture and just how easy it is to shoot, burn and share with them," said Robert Kleman, creative director, TBWA, Singapore. "The challenge was how to weave all these products into the ads without it becoming a moving catalog."

Three spots filmed in Iceland feature the misadventures of two offbeat Eskimos, but were tailored for Australia, Hong Kong and the Middle East. In one, a young Aussie couple preparing a salmon dinner find a DVD inside the fish and curiously insert it in a DVD player. In another, a young Middle Eastern man discovers the DVD in a takeout fish sandwich and plays it on a DVD player in his car. In the Hong Kong version, which may also run in Shanghai and Tokyo, a young chef at a busy restaurant sees the disc in a salmon and plays it on a laptop.

Each disc has a comic film of two Eskimos who introduce themselves and then do wacky things like moonwalk on ice, fall into an ice hole and wrestle a polar bear. The pair then burn DVDs in an igloo decked out with Sony gear and drop them in the ocean to be eaten by hungry salmon.

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