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Marketer: Britvic Agency: Clemmow Hornby Inge, London

Britvic's Tango is the latest soft drink to drop color and calories to target sugar-conscious consumers

[London] U.K soft-drink marketer Britvic is trying to broaden the appeal of its flagging Tango brand beyond teenagers by targeting 20-something women with a low-sugar soft drink called Tango Clear. Britvic is spending $14 million on the launch to update the brand and appeal to consumers who are increasingly swapping sugar-laden fizzy drinks for more health-conscious sodas.

Sales of Tango have been falling steadily since 1999 and competition is growing with Coca-Cola Co.'s recent launch of its "Z" range of zero-added- sugar soft drinks.

"Our whole market thrives on things that are new and different," said Adrian Troy, Tango brand controller. "The choice of fruits [apple and watermelon or kiwi and lemon] is deliberately contemporary and interesting. We are talking to a whole new group of consumers."

In a twist on Tango's famous long-running campaign featuring some hapless person suffering a violent attack followed by the tagline "You know when you've been Tango'd," Britvic's agency, independent Clemmow Hornby Inge, London has subtly changed the slogan to "It's clear when you've been Tango'd."

The campaign is spearheaded by a spot set in an office where a young woman is drenched with water every time she takes a sip of Tango. She explains to her worried boss that the Eskimo, the fireman and the two men in Hawaiian shirts waving palm fronds who surround her desk aren't really there. "It's a metaphor," she says brightly. "A visual representation of the bubbly fruit refreshment of Tango Clear."

"The market has changed massively," said Johnny Hornby, managing partner of CHI. "Sugary drinks are a treat and the everyday market is all about diet and no added sugar. Everyone is changing their product lineups." See the spot: QwikFIND aaq62r

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