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Digital agency: AKQA, London

U.K. online directory changes its ad campaign as often as the British weather

[London] The unsettled British weather has inspired an equally changeable marketing campaign from, an online directory service.

"The Great British Summer" online campaign acknowledges and has fun with the unpredictability of the weather by adapting local executions depending on the forecast in a specific location. A real-time weather information feed allows the ads to vary depending on the weather. If the weather is good, the ads will direct consumers to barbecues, lawn mowers, festivals and theme parks. If it's windy, there's sailing, and if it rains there are "outbreaks of bowling across the Midlands" or "scattered trips to museums in the Southeast."

Stephanie Porter, an account director on at digital agency AKQA, London, said, "We wanted to get across Yell's local expertise and to make the brand interesting - to give it a human touch - while raising awareness."

AKQA looked at what searches were popular at this time of year and came up with the "Great British Summer" theme. "The British weather is so bad that the topic binds the nation together," Ms. Porter said.

The online campaign consists of a whole portfolio of ads. Some also demonstrate's "fuzzy logic" ability to interpret a misspelled search entry. There are bizarre illustrations of "hot-air babooning" and "scuba dining" with the tagline, "Don't worry, we know what you mean."

Barbara Newman, communication and brand development manager at, said, "The work demonstrates that gives you what you are looking for, where you want it. By tapping in to our national obsession with the weather, we're engaging with consumers and addressing the range of needs that will arise during our great British summer."

If successful, the campaign will be extended to other seasonal themes at different times of year.

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