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Marketer: Sony PlayStation Agency: TBWA London

PlayStation, known for its edgy marketing, changes pace to match consumers' everyday lives

[London] Sony PlayStation is attempting to broaden the game console's appeal with a pan-European branding commercial and tagline, "For every pace of life," that dramatizes PS2's range of entertainment by demonstrating the different paces at which people live their everyday lives.

The laid-back central character takes a trip to the local store to buy milk. Stop-frame animation shows him gliding past his neighbors, all moving at their own individual paces. The slow movements of the old lady next door-until she dashes to rescue a falling carton of milk-contrast with the manic pace of a young boy playing, contrasted in turn with his teenage sister leisurely painting her toenails.

TBWA's Joint Creative Director Danny Brooke-Taylor said, "Being PlayStation we have to be cool and offer people the opportunity to decode our advertising. We didn't want to confuse the weirdness with a complicated narrative so the story is simple-a guy gets up, needs milk for cereal, gets it and goes back home."

Each frame is made up of a digital still photo, one of which was taken every 2 to 12 centimeters along the route. "There is a nice disconnect that our target market will appreciate," he said. "The hokey, home-made feel of the ad is right for the generation that assembles its own iPod playlists, creates blogs and even designs its own coffees in Starbucks."

PlayStation has 70%-80% of the European market but faces a threat from the imminent launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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