La Comunidad Shows What Would Happen If the 'M' Were Taken Out of MTV

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Marketer: MTV
Agency: La Comunidad, Miami

MIAMI ( -- Take away the "M" in MTV and all that would be left is regular TV. After years of doing Latin American ads for MTV that other regions picked up, Miami-based La Comunidad won its first global assignment. But the agency couldn't decide between a happy and a sad ending, so both were filmed and each country gets to choose which version to air.

In the spot, breaking this month, a factory's staff is assembled behind seven workers who hold giant letters spelling out the company's name, C-H-E-M-I-C-O. Starting with "Give me a 'C'," the CEO shouts each letter through a megaphone, and the corresponding employee raises the letter. But the worker holding the "M" refuses to give it up, and flees with the letter. After a chase scene through the factory, he tosses the "M" over the electrified fence to safety. In one version, he also escapes. In the other, he doesn't make it. The spot ends with the phrase "Don't give up your 'M."'

"MTV is reaffirming its identity for the younger target that wasn't exposed to the early years," said Jose Molla, La Comunidad's founder and creative director. "It's a reminder of the attitude MTV brought to TV in general. We like how the 'M' summarizes that attitude, and the difference between TV and MTV."

Mr. Molla said the U.S. is likely to go with the version in which the "M" bearer escapes. He thinks it would be fun, though, if MTV put both versions on its Web site, and let users vote on the two endings.

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