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Marketer: Unilever
Agency: Lowe London
Unilever compares the rituals of soccer-mad humans to the behavior of wild animals

[London] Unilever's new global commercial "Go Wild" for the Sure/Rexona deodorant brand celebrates the exuberance of soccer fans.

Lowe London's spot draws affectionate parallels between the rituals of soccer-mad humans and the behavior of wild animals. The animals-302 computer-generated creatures and just nine real ones-mimic the rituals of rival soccer fans following their match-day routine. On the way to the stadium, sea lions on the subway chant at passing hyenas from another team; penguins jostle for player autographs; bison are herded towards the stadium; and mandrills celebrate wildly in a local bar when their team scores.

"Deodorant needs a bit of added charisma, and that's our job," Tom Hudson, senior copywriter at Lowe, said. "'Big, bold and blokey' are the words associated with this brand."

The spot will air through the World Cup tournament this summer. "We wanted to do something that would maximize Unilever's media time and, obviously, this was a good year to do a soccer ad," he said. "But there will be a million and one cliche World Cup ads showing slow-motion kicks. We wanted to talk to the same fans but do it in a fresh and engaging way."

Nick Sanders, brand director at Unilever, said, "Our strategy for the new Sure for Men Sports range is to target fans rather than players. Our mission this summer is to provide fans with the extreme protection they need to go wild with passion for their team."

Unilever used to make up to 30 spots a year for the brand around the world. Changing tactics, the company now does two or three big-budget spots each year. The last one, "Stunt City," was retagged with the U.S. brand name Degree and ran during the Super Bowl.
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