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Marketer: Unilever Agency: Lowe London

Sure deodorant keeps up with women who need the powers of superheroes to manage their lives

[london] Unilever has applied its Sure/Rexona for men marketing techniques to its women's variant by creating a global, show-stopping ad in the mold of "Stunt City" which won a Gold Lion at the Cannes ad festival last year and ran in the Super Bowl.

"Super Woman" is a lighthearted look at the superpowers women need just to get through a normal day. The heroine starts her morning by flying through the air in her pajamas and using her superpowers to stop a school bus so she can hand her kids their lunch boxes.

On her way to the office, she drills herself down through the sidewalk into a subway car below, and then strides up the side of the building. At her desk, she works at superhuman speed and even finds time to buy a pair of boots she admired on another woman. At the gym after work, she catches sight of her bottom and reacts by powering the treadmill at a superhuman pace.

Set to the cheerful theme tune of the 1960s sitcom "Bewitched," the spot ends with the tagline, "Incredible protection for incredible women."

Aerial artist and stuntwoman Dreya Weber, who has worked onstage with Madonna and Cher, performed the stunts live in Los Angeles against a blue screen. Tom Hudson, the spot's copywriter, said, "We wanted to touch on the complexity of women's lives, and the comic-book tradition fits well with the idea that most women need six pairs of hands and eyes in the back of their head just to get through the day."

Nick Sanders, Sure European brand director, said, "We all know that modern women juggle many things in life; sometimes balancing career, friends, family, children and self all at the same time."'
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