Creativity Top 5: The Best Brand Ideas of the Week

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In this week's edition, McDonald's unusual recruitment play, the curious muse behind gorgeous cannabis packaging, CoverGirl gives consumers license to apply in public, Apple's "frightening" move for the WWDC and Samsung's one-billion color experiment.

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Apple: Appocalypse
Director: Tom Kuntz
Production Company: MJZ

CoverGirl: Project PDA
Agency: Droga5 New York
Entertainment Company: Bluegroup
PR Company: MMC
Production Company: NA Collective
Creative Chairman: David Droga
Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Nowak
Creative Director: Ray Smiling
ACD Copywriter: Ariella Gogol
ACD Art Director: Marie Delpy
Copywriter: Abe Chuang
Art Director: Kay Kim
Copywriter: Phil Hadad
Art Director: Marybeth Ledesma
Jr. Copywriter: Emily Berger
Jr. Art Director: Paige Whitaker
Associate Design Director: Maria Wan
Designer: Kayt Brylinsky
Jr. Designer: Alex Lumain
Chief Creation Officer: Sally-Ann Dale
Co-Director: Jesse Brihn
Co-Director: Bryan Litman
Senior Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Associate Producer: Tony Xie
Music Supervisor: Ryan Barkan
Music Supervisor: Mike Ladman
Director of Interactive Production: Niklas Lindstrom
Executive Producer, Interactive: Tasha Cronin
Producer, Interactive: Alyssa Cashman
Director of Art Production: Cliff Lewis
Director of Print Services: Rob Lugo
Associate Director of Print Services: Riely Clough
Associate Director of Art Production: Bianca Escobar
Producer, Print: Rose Mahan
Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer
Strategy Director: Nika Rastakhiz
Strategy Director: Katy Alonzo
Head of Communications Strategy: Colleen Leddy
Communications Strategist: Kimber Bowman
Social Communications Strategist: Mark Longacre
Chief Intelligence Officer: Amy Avery
Data Strategy Director: Lily Ng
Executive Group Director: Brett Edgar
Account Director: Lucy Santilli
Account Manager: Sophia Bernard
Associate Account Manager: Danielle Frank
Group Project Manager: Bill Wilson
Associate Counsel: Erica Palaia
Assistant General Counsel: Leigh Checchio
Senior Integrated Production Business Manager: Denise Klapp
SVP: Ukonwa Ojo
Dir. Global Brand & Digital: Erika Woods
Brand Manager: Amanda Jones
Dir. US COVERGIRL, SVP: Amanda Knappman
Editorial/Post Production: Second Child
Editor: Carly Gussert
Animator: Michael Yoo
Assistant Editor: Berman Fenelus
Executive Producer: Scott Chinn
Producer: Brielle Mordant
Music: JSM Music
Executive Producer: Jeff Fiorello
Composer: Nathan Kil
Composer: Joel Simon
Sound: Second Child
Mixer: Berman Fenelus
Photographer: Sprint Step
Graphic Studio: Second Child
Studio Coordinator: Virginia Vargas
Quality Control Manager: Lisa Bishai
Quality Control Specialist: Hoyu Yiu
Quality Control Specialist: Susanne Johansson
Production Artist: Don Ong
Production Artist: Michael Silber

Samsung: The Billion Color Film
Agency: R/GA
Group Executive Creative Director: Eric Jannon
Group Executive Creative Director: Chris Northam
Associate Creative Director: Oriel Davis-Lyons
Associate Creative Director: Beth O'Brien
Executive Producer: Kim Edwards
Group Account Director: Simon Ludowyke
SVP Strategy: Tom Morton
Senior Strategist: Aaron Harridge
Executive Project Manager: Jenna Halliday
Project Manager: Amie Diamond
Executive Production Director: Kat Friis
Business Affairs: Magdalena Wiater
Business Affairs: Nakeilla Smith
Director: Bruno Aveillan
Director of Photography: Bruno Aveillan
Film Production Company: Believe Media
Film Production Company: Quad Productions
Film Production: Liz Silver
Film Production: Martin Coulais
Film Production: Claudia Traeger
Film Production: Clémence Lhuilier
Film Production: Nathalie Aveillan
Visual FX: MPC
Visual FX: Ashley Bernes
Visual FX: Rich Roberts
Visual FX: Seif Boutella
Visual FX: Franck Lambertz
Visual FX: Sophie Lebreton
Visual FX: Anthony Ricciardi
Visual FX: Bilali Mack
Visual FX: Camila De Biaggi
Visual FX: Dorian Douglass
Senior Technology Director: Michael Piccuirro
Senior Data Scientist: Michael Hirsch
Creative Director: James Dick
Prototype and Data: Oscar De La Hera
Prototype and Data: Scott Kundert
Prototype and Data: Sam Royston
Prototype and Data: Hana Marie Newman
Prototype and Data: Wing Luo
Prototype and Data: Lucas Ajemian
Prototype and Data: Keliang Shan

1964 Supply Co.: 1964 Supply Co. Trailer
Agency: One Twenty Three West Vancouver

McDonald's (Sweden): Enlist
Agency: DDB Stockholm
PR Agency: Prime PR
Media Agency: OMD
Film Production: Bacon
Director: Tomas Jonsgarden
Web Production: DDB House
Producer: Magnus Akerstedt
Agency Producer: Johan Svensson
Art Director: Joel Ekstrand
Copywriter: Petter Dixelius

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