The Beatles Meet 'Rock Band,' VDJ Act Eclectic Method, Making Artist Olivier Otten Move With Your Mouse and Other Work

Creativity Weekly Top 5: June 15

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In this week's episode of Creativity's Top 5, director Ray Tintori brings nightmares alive for MGMT's "Kids"; digital artist Olivier Otten puts you in charge of his movements with a click of a mouse; VDJ act Eclectic Method balances the void between DJs and creative film editing; Logan takes the Date Farmers' art and creates a dark world for the NASA music project; and director Pete Candeland introduces the Beatles to "Rock Band."

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MGMT: 'Kids'

Director: Ray Tintori

Olivier Otten Homepage

Olivier Otten: Selfcontrolfreak

Concept/Interaction Design: Olivier Otten
Support: Daphne Heemskerk

Eclectic Method

Eclectic Method: 'Rock & Remix'


NASA: 'A Volta'

Director/Producer: Logan
Executive Producer: Susan Applegate
Original Artwork: The Date Farmers

Beatles Rock Band

'Rock Band': 'The Beatles'

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Director: Pete Candeland

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