T-Mobile's Train Station Dance-off; Coldplay's 'Life in Technicolour'; and Summer Down Under

Creativity Weekly Top 5: Jan. 26

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In this week's episode of Creativity's Top 5, McKee Wallwork Cleveland shows us the effect of ecological irresponsibility on the Canadian flag; T-Mobile co-ordinates a train station dance-off; Publicis Mojo, Melbourne, celebrates summer Down Under with an eclectic parade; director Dougal Wilson makes Coldplay fun for all ages in a delightful video for "Life in Technicolour"; and we salute the efforts of the CNN/Facebook pairing that made watching the presidential inauguration a uniquely online experience.

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Sierra Club: Canadian Flag

Sierra Club: 'Canadian Flag'

Agency: McKee Wallwork Cleveland, Albuquerque, N.M.
Copywriter: Alex Augustinos
Creative Director/Copywriter: Bart Cleveland
Art Director: Pat Feehery

T-Mobile: Life's for Sharing

T-Mobile: 'Life's for Sharing'

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
Copywriter: Steve Howell

Drumstick: The Summer Parade

Drumstick: 'The Summer Parade'

Agency: Publicis Mojo, Melbourne
Creative Director: Darren Spiller

Coldplay: Life in Technicolour

Coldplay: 'Life in Technicolour'

Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Company: Colonel Blimp

CNN/Facebook: Inauguration

CNN/Facebook: Inauguration

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