A Whimsical World of Steam for LG, Travel Site Zuji 'Helps Holidays Happen' With Baked Beans and Sorbent Toilet Paper's 'Homecoming'

Creativity Weekly Top 5: July 7

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Creativity's Top 5 - June 30
In this week's episode of Creativity's Top 5, 72andSunny give action-sports giant Quiksilver an online makeover; Bartle Bogle Hegarty conjures a whimsical world of steam for LG; Australian agencies The Hallway and Happy Soldier put the baked bean to use for Zuji Travel; Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, helps a lost boy with Sorbent toilet paper; and New York-based Anomaly rolls out a cornucopia of online offerings for Converse.
Quiksilver: Redesign

Quiksilver: 'Redesign'

Agency: 72andSunny
Creative Director: John Boiler
Website: www.quiksilver.com

LG: World of Steam

LG: 'World of Steam'

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York
Creative Director: Paul Foulkes

Zuji: Beans

Zuji: 'Beans'

Agency: The Hallway/Happy Soldiers

Sorbent: Homecoming

Sorbent Toilet Paper: 'Homecoming'

Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Creative Director: Ant Keogh

Converse: Connectivity Revisited

Converse: 'Connectivity Revisited'

Agency: Anomaly
Website: www.thisistheindexpage.com
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