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The 10 Olympic Advertisers That Have Won the Biggest Social-TV Boosts So Far

Bluefin Labs Tracks Brands Whose TV Spots Get Olympics Viewers Talking

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Everybody's talking about the Summer Olympics -- but what about the sponsors and advertisers who are footing the bill? Our editorial partner Bluefin Labs, the Cambridge-Mass.-based social-TV analytics company, has been tracking social-media response to the ads appearing during NBC's broadcasts of the games. Scroll down below the graphic for some notes and context.

  • Advertisers are ranked from 1 to 10 based on the percentage change in social-media comments about their commercials. The dates used to calculate the percentage change are July 27 through August 5 (the first 10 days of Olympics) vs. July 17-26 (the 10 days immediately pre-Olympics). Earned Impressions, the column on the right in our chart, is the theoretical reach of social-media comments made about these advertisers, based on the total number of followers and friends of individual commenters. "We use this number to represent the amplification that occurs in the social grid," explains Bluefin's Mike Guigli.
  • All of the Olympic advertisers on our chart have seen social-media comments about their commercials at least double when compared to the 10 days leading up to the Olympics.
  • For the top two gainers, Budweiser and Visa, Bluefin drilled down to take a closer look at the total universe of social-media chatter about them, as shown in the pie charts.
  • "With the exception of Nike ," says Guigli, "there is one similarity among the Top 10 gainers: They all use celebrities or popular Olympic athletes to deliver their messages. For example, the top two, Budweiser and Visa, have two very well-known celebrities narrate their commercials -- Jay -Z and Morgan Freeman, respectively."
  • Bluefin's topic analysis on the Budweiser brand conversation during the first 10 days of the Olympics shows that 13% of all Budweiser social chatter can be attributed to Jay -Z's participation in the Bud commercial. Sample tweet: "This Jay -Z Budweiser commercial gets me hyped every time I see it."
  • As for Visa, 13% of Visa brand conversation in social media during the first 10 days of the Olympics mentioned Morgan Freeman and 7% mentioned Michael Phelps. "Makes sense," explains Guigli, "given that Morgan Freeman narrates several Visa creatives and Michael Phelps is featured in a couple of those spots." Sample tweet: "When did Visa have time to do Phelps most decorated athlete commercial? It happened only about 24 hours ago. #Olympic #advertising."

Stay tuned to for more data from Bluefin Labs. For more about Bluefin, visit its website.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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