Angelina (The Legbomber) Jolie and 19 Other Hot Post-Oscars Topics and Terms

Dumenco's Trendrr Chart of the Week

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie Credit: ABC

A lot of times what we talk about most after the Oscars is not the winners and losers but the weirdness. I can only dimly remember who took home golden statuettes last year, but I vividly remember the manic-depressive hosting combo of Hathaway-Franco. This year's host, Billy Crystal, was charming enough, but the real star of the Oscars (other than the statues themselves) was presenter Angelina Jolie. At least that 's true judging from the following roundup of post-Oscar buzz, primarily on Twitter and Facebook, as tracked by Ad Age 's editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm. The chart here shows day-after Oscars water-cooler talk -- the terms that popped up most often in the 24 hours starting Monday at 12:00 a.m. ET.

I'll note that there was frequently overlap among terms -- for instance, Angelina (No. 2) and her partner, what's-his-name (No. 13), were often name-checked together; the words "best picture" (No. 20) were commonly used with "The Artist" (No. 8); Sacha Baron Cohen (No. 10) was typically mentioned in the same breath as his "red carpet" (No. 5) stunt; and so on.

But, again, Angelina -- now the most notorious taker of a wide stance since Sen. Larry Craig -- wins the day.

P.S. You've seen this -- Angelina Jolie'ing -- right?

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