'Big Bang' Beats 'The Voice' to Take Back Social TV

The GetGlue Top 10, Sept. 17-23

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, the new season of NBC's "The Voice" arrived at the top of the TV check-ins chart. This week, however, "The Voice" was bested by a surprise contender. Scroll down below the graphic for more notes and context.

  • Now that we're in the thick of fall premiere season, expect to see a range of high-profile shows vie for attention among the social-TV crowd. That said, this week's most checked-in show was CBS's phenomenally popular "The Big Bang Theory," which won't air its sixth season premiere until this Thursday. As we've noted before, this show has remained a consistent contender on the check-ins chart all summer long, benefiting from frequent showings in syndication because GetGlue counts check-ins to any airing of the show during the week at hand. But don't sell "Big Bang" short: It scored 8 million viewers in CBS prime-time last Thursday with a rerun, second in the night only to Fox's "The X Factor." And some other shows on the chart -- "X Factor" and "The Voice," we're looking at you -- also benefited from multiple hours and multiple nights.
  • Speaking of "X Factor," the heavily-promoted singing competition lost almost half of the check-ins it posted in the debut of its second season despite healthy ratings improvements. NBC's "The Voice," meanwhile, managed to keep almost all of its Week One check-ins despite a Week Two ratings slump -- perhaps an effect of the show's frequent exhortations for viewers to engage in social media.
  • "The Voice" isn't the only ratings victory NBC is celebrating. Its freshman sci-fi series "Revolution," which chronicles life on Earth after all power is shut off, opened to a huge 11.6 million viewers last week and enough check-ins for the No. 7 spot on the GetGlue chart. Reviews were mixed at best, however, and ratings dipped during last night's episode (not reflected on this chart). Next week's GetGlue ranking should reveal more about how this show will fare in the hearts of genre-loving social-TV users.
  • The CW's "Supernatural," which had been doing relatively well on the chart in summer reruns, saw an unlikely jump to the No. 3 spot this week even though it won't premiere its eighth season until next month -- suggesting significant anticipation among the GetGlue crowd at least.

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