Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles Rock Twitter! (Along With Lost Powerpuff Girl Lady Gaga)

The Most Tweeted Brands of the Week Chart

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A few notes about this week's Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart, a collaboration between Advertising Age and What the Trend:

  • Sports brands dominate our list this week, with three of the seven spots going to, basically, balls in flight. The NFL and European soccer (football) loomed large, while the U.S. Open became a global Twitter obsession as well with a lot of help from Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal.
  • The MTV Video Music Awards top our list this week. The VMAs got a huge boost from the raw-meat-dress-wearing Lady Gaga as well as a couple of other pop-cultural icons who sort of became a meme of their own, namely ...
  • An Indonesian TV station helped set off a surge of Powerpuff Girl memories.
    An Indonesian TV station helped set off a surge of Powerpuff Girl memories.
  • Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Both performed at the VMAs, which caused endless speculation about potential backstage weirdness between them, given that Kanye notoriously interrupted Taylor's 2009 VMA acceptance speech. Kanye renewed the controversy by apologizing ("I'm sorry, Taylor") on Twitter recently, and now I just wish they'd hook up already and make adorable, arrogant babies together.
  • You've gotta love the Twittersphere for its left-field obsessions. Supercute superheroes the Powerpuff Girls -- Blossom, Butttercup and Bubbles -- improbably make our Top 10 this week thanks to people tweeting their favorite memories of the iconic cartoon series in the wake of its airing on Indonesian TV. By the way, effective immediately, I'm launching a new meme -- #PowerpuffGaga -- in an attempt to spread the word that Lady Gaga was a Powerpuff Girl in her youth, but was cut from the team. It's true; I swear!

How is this chart made? See Notes, below.

Trend Peak Position This Week Points Crowdsourced Description
1 MTV VMAs 1 11,793 The MTV Video Music Awards aired on Sunday, September 12. Lady Gaga accepted the award for Video of the Year (for "Bad Romance") wearing a dress, shoes and purse made out of pieces of raw meat.
See for a complete list of subtrends.
2 NFL 1 6,000 Tweets about various teams, players and matches.
See for a complete list of subtrends.
3 Taylor Swift-Kanye West Controversy 1 5,858 People are beginning letter-style tweets (hence Dear Taylor Swift) and penning their thoughts and reactions about her premiere of her latest song, "Innocent," at the 2010 MTV VMAs. Kanye West performed "Runaway" at the MTV VMAs.
Subtrends include: Dear Taylor Swift, #kanyewest, About Kanye
4 Powerpuff Girls 1 3,820 People are tweeting about their favorite memories of the Powerpuff Girls and their favorite characters from the show. It originally started trending over the weekend because the show aired on TRANS7, one of Indonesia's TV stations.
Subtrends include: Powerpuff
5 Twitter 2 3,175 Twitter is introducing a new, re-engineered website design and rolling out its features to users over the next few weeks.
Subtrends include: #newtwitter
6 Google 1 2,529 Google has launched a new Doodle on British and Irish platforms to celebrate the 120th anniversary of mystery writer Agatha Christie's birth. Google also just implemented various ajax features, including instant search (as you type) and ajax paging.
Subtrends include: Agatha Christie, Google Instant, Agatha
7 Soccer/Football 1 2,287 Tweets about various players, teams and matches.
See for a complete list of subtrends.
8 Restart 1 2,153 As a reaction to Restart trending, Twitter users are expressing their dislike of the Brazilian band. "Cala Boca Coloridas" means "Shut Up, Colorful Girls" in Portuguese. It refers to the mostly teenage fans of Restart, which is part of a new "colourful rock" movement whose fans wear gaudy clothes and weird haircuts. Meanwhile, fans of the band are expressing their appreciation for it and its members.
Subtrends include: Everybody Hates Restart, CALA BOCA COLORIDAS, Everybody Loves Restart
9 U.S. Open 1 1,948 Tweets about various players -- most notably Rafael Nadal -- and matches.
See for a complete list of subtrends.
10 Jonas Brothers 1 1,953 Nick Jonas turned 18 on Sept. 16.
Subtrends include: #happy18thbdaynickj

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