Boy Band One Direction Can Make People Tweet About Anything

What Happens When a Boy Band is a Bigger Brand Than Pepsi, FIFA Soccer

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Got a product (any product)? Brit boy band "One Direction" can get their fans tweeting about it.

Last week the band played a key role in getting FIFA Soccer to the top of Ad Age 's Brand Chatter Chart. This week, they're at it again, except this time for Pepsi.

The group starred in a Pepsi commercial along with Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Our friends over at Bluefin Labs say the Pepsi surge--107,000 comments over Pepsi's normal weekly average--was driven largely by the TV spot, where the members of "One Direction" compare accolades (and groupies) with the quarterback.

You can see why advertisers from Pepsi to Electronic Arts want to get One Direction onboard: The band has 7.2 million followers, many of whom are engaged enough to spread whatever pearls of wisdom the band members have to offer. Not only that , several of them have huge followings, including Niall Horan (6.9 million), Harry Styles (7.4 million), Liam Payne (6.4 million), Zayn Malik (6 million) and Louis Tomlinson (6.3 million).

Though it doesn't come up in the Pepsi spot, when it comes to Twitter followers, it's not really a fair fight. Drew Brees? 1.3 million followers. The New Orleans Saints? 254,000. And Pepsi? One million.

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