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Death of Google Reader Generates All the Wrong Buzz

But Samsung Gets People Talking in the Way Marketers Like

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Ad Age's Brand Chatter Chart uses data from Twitter's Bluefin Labs to reveal which marketers are surging on Twitter and whether their TV campaigns are responsible -- or whether it's something else. Sheila Murphy Seles, marketing manager for B2B at Twitter, explains the latest chart.

Google said it was shutting down Google Reader.
Google said it was shutting down Google Reader.

Mobile phones were all the rage this week in our brand chatter chart.

The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4 propelled the brand 14 spots to number 2 as fans discussed Samsung's clever "Unicorn Apocalypse" TV ads and expressed eagerness to get their hands on the device.

HTC and Apple both made the list as people compared their phone offerings to the Galaxy S4. HTC took the number 5 spot this week despite having no ads on air. Apple jumped an impressive 605 places to take the number 7 rank, bolstered, no doubt, by perennial favorite AT&T "It's Not Complicated" iPhone ads that feature adorable little kids. Not surprisingly, AT&T also made the list, falling 3 spots to take number 4 on our chart.

Android also ended up on the chart this week at number 9, up 581 spots from last week.

But Google shot up 619 spots to take No. 1, fueled partly by the kind of discussion most marketer would rather avoid: Laments flowed after the company said it was shutting down Google Reader. But some of Google's traction on Twitter did stem from its well-liked TV commercials, Bluefin data shows.

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