'Doctor Who' Returns to Dominate Social TV

The GetGlue Top 10, Aug. 27-Sept. 2

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, the "True Blood" season finale showed its bite. But this week there was no besting the season premiere of BBC America's "Doctor Who." Scroll down below the graphic for more notes and context.

  • Making a dramatic return to the chart is BBC America's "Doctor Who," which drove more than 100,000 check-ins this past week with the premiere of its seventh season. Though the series has been MIA since its Christmas episode last year, it managed to draw roughly 30,000 more check-ins than the top driver last week, "True Blood," which has 73,851 check-ins. "Doctor Who" will run four more episodes in the coming weeks, meaning stiff competition for some of the series about to premiere in September.
  • One social favorite that won't be a presence for a while is AMC's "Breaking Bad," which aired its shocking midseason finale Sunday night. Though it drew 20,000 more check-ins than last week and managed a whopping 2.8 million viewers (47% more than it fourth season finale), it still clocked in a distant second behind the time-traveling doctor. Fans of the atmospheric series will have to wait until next summer for the big series finale.
  • NBC's moody "Grimm" held its place at No. 6 with almost exactly as many check-ins as last week, a rare occurrence for any show on the chart. "Grimm" was one of earliest shows to return from hiatus, and though it managed to hold steady socially, it dropped further in the ratings .

  • Many eyes were focused on Tampa last week as the Republican National Convention stirred up a storm of social conversation. CNN's coverage of the four-day event landed on the chart at No. 7. On a chart that usually favors melodramatic teen soaps, that 's no small achievement.

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