Fox Dominates TV Check-In Chart With 'Glee' and 'House'

The GetGlue Top 10, May 14-20

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, we noted the CW's domination of the chart thanks to the season finales of its most-popular shows. This week, though, it was all about Fox. Scroll down below the graphic for more notes and context.

  • There's no question which network owned social TV this week. Somewhat unusually, however, it also happened to the same network that owned the ratings . Fox shows occupied four spots on the TV check-in chart this week, partly thanks to season finales of popular mainstays. Most notable among those was "Glee," which hustled from the bottom of the chart last week with 35,000 check-ins to the No. 2 spot this week with 112,000, a leap of over 200%. The rise is all the more surprising because the episode in question wasn't even its season finale (which airs tonight) and actually experienced slightly lower ratings than the week prior.

  • The approaching end of "House" drew GetGlue users back in droves, giving the show its first appearance on the chart since its premiere in October. Its final finale aired Monday night, a day after the time period this chart considers.
  • There's a newcomer on the chart this week in the form of the animated Fox favorite "Family Guy," which makes its first-ever appearance -- albeit at No. 10. It was, of course, the show's season finale, and though fans of the increasingly loony Griffin family aren't watching for any end-of -season narrative conclusions (as they are, supposedly, with "Glee"), its social footprint actually pointed in the same direction as its ratings , which climbed slightly over the previous week.
  • The CW's dwindling roster on the chart -- while certainly no slouch this week, as evidenced by the death-grip "Nikita" has gained on the top spot -- couldn't compete with larger networks' numerous finales. (Speaking of death grips, "Nikita" was also recently recognized for having the highest body count on network TV.)
  • "Gossip Girl," however, proved by its absence from the chart that a season finale is no guarantee of check-in standing.
  • Finally, continuing last week's downward trend, CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" dropped another two spots to No. 6 after its season finale May 10. The prime-time rerun fared expectedly worse ratings -wise, losing more than 5 million viewers, according to Nielsen data. Still, relative to other network shows and considering audiences had already seen (and discussed) last week's episode, "Big Bang" continues to prove itself a solid social performer.

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