'Game of Thrones,' Just Renewed by HBO, Holds the No. 2 Check-In Spot

The GetGlue Top 10, April 2-8

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, frequent first-place finisher "The Big Bang Theory" got deposed by WWE's annual "Wrestlemania" pay-per-view and the second-season premiere of HBO's "Game of Thrones." This week, "Big Bang" regains the top spot but "Thrones" retains a lot of its heat. Scroll down below the graphic for more notes and context.

  • "Game of Thrones," which HBO said today will get a third season, took our No. 2 spot last week and repeats the feat this week. And it did so with roughly 26,000 fewer check-ins -- a drop that 's not surprising because season premieres (and finales) for dramas tend to grab disproportionate social buzz (and audiences). That said, its ratings also remained lofty by HBO standards; Nielsen says that second-episode ratings slipped only modestly, to 3.8 million viewers from 3.9 million last week. (With repeat and on-demand showings, HBO will be adding millions to those Sunday-only numbers.)
  • One pattern we keep seeing in our weekly Top 10 is the anticipation effect, wherein a show's social buzz and check-ins rise because fans know that a new episode is coming soon. That happened with "Game of Thrones" a couple weeks back before there were new episodes to check into (but, I suppose, late-to-the-"Game" viewers played catch-up with season one). And it's happened again this week, with fans of The CW's "Nikita" driving a rerun into our No. 3 spot as they patiently wait for the next fresh episode, titled "Wrath," set to air on April 20.
  • Both NBC's "The Voice" (No. 6) and Fox's "American Idol" (No. 10) make our chart, though there's not that huge a gap between their check-in levels (32,238 and 27,131, respectively).
  • Missing anybody? How about Don Draper and colleagues? AMC's "Mad Men," which scored a place on our chart with its fifth-season premiere a couple of weeks back, again didn't make the cut this week (like last week). If this were a Top 15 chart, you'd see it in the No. 14 spot.
  • Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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