Is Kat Stacks the Creepiest Twitter Trend Ever?

The 10 Most Tweeted Brands of the Week Chart

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A few notes about this week's Top 10 Most Tweeted Brands chart, a collaboration between Advertising Age and What the Trend:

  • Three major signs of the rising globalization of Twitter: South Korean boy band Super Junior's surge (once again) to the No. 1 spot; the huge number of tweets about European soccer (football) stars/teams/matches; and the prominent presence of the Eurovision Song Contest, a European obsession that never seems to garner much media coverage or mindshare in the U.S.
  • Kat Stacks
    Kat Stacks
  • Look closely at why Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber trended this week, and you'll see that non-U.S. fans -- particularly in Brazil -- gave both a big boost.
  • The hip-hop take-over of Twitter continues, with perhaps the creepiest social-media-created celebrity brand ever, Kat Stacks, taking the No. 10 spot on our list. Stacks, for the uninitiated, is a hip-hop groupie who uses social media to detail her alleged conquests. Her Twitter stream is so x-rated I'm not even going to link to it, and you can find videos on YouTube with titles like "Kat Stacks Speaking on Sleeping With Lil Wayne, Nelly, Bow Wow and Entire Young Money!" (Bow Wow, for one, has denied even knowing her, let alone having sex with her.) Why did she blow up so big this week? Per the What the Trend crowdsourced explanation: "because a video that shows several men slapping & pushing her around is circulating on the Internet" -- those men allegedly being associated with one or more rappers Ms. Stacks has badmouthed. Here, I'll refer you to BET's latest brief take on the controversy, posted this morning.
  • It's perhaps worth noting that one of the big Twitter memes this week was #ihatewomenwho -- a sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes rather nasty, hashtag trend that is also closely tied to the hip-hop community. It's bewildering to me that Twitter seems to have recently tweaked its algorithm specifically to reduce the apparent dominance of G-rated pop star Justin Bieber (who used to always hold the No. 1 spot on our chart each week), but is doing nothing to discourage the rising tide of misogyny and vulgarity in its Trending Topics.
  • (What the Trend Pro, the service I use to create this charticle, offers an in-depth look at hundreds of trends each week.)

    How is this chart made? See Notes, below.

    Trend Peak Position This Week Points Crowdsourced Description
    1 Super Junior 1 5,296 BONAMANA is the new single from Korean boy band Super Junior. This song was released on May 10. Their fans, E.L.F (everlasting friends), are celebrating their comeback.
    Subtrends include: BONAMANA, #everlastingfriends, Poor Donghae, #bonamana2ndwin, #getwellsoonkyuhyun, #protectsuperjunior, 4th Anniversary, JUNIOR WON, Music Core, ELFs, Antis
    2 MLB 1 3,498 Tweets about various teams, players and games.
    Subtrends include: Jim Joyce, Armando Galarraga, Perfect Game, Ken Griffey, Galarraga, Gallaraga, Umpire Jim Joyce, Balk, Bud Selig, Griffey, Kubel, Umpire, Ubaldo, Kendry, Dodgers, Halladay perfect game, Umps, Matt Kemp
    3 Gary Coleman 1 3,105 Actor Gary Coleman has died at age 42, after being hospitalized following brain hemorrhage.
    Subtrends include: Gary Coleman died, #ripgarycoleman, Gary Coleman, Gary Coleman passed, Gary Colemen, Coleman died, #garycoleman, Arnold morreu, Brain Hemorrhage, Coleman passed, Did Gary, Coleman morreu, Gary Coleman morreu, Gary Coleman passed away, Different Strokes, Coleman dead, Todd Bridges, Bout Willis, Whatchoo talkin
    4 Eurovision 1 2,937 The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual music-competition in Europe (29th May in Oslo, Norway).
    Subtrends include: Eurovision, #sbseurovision, #esc2010, Sieneke, Lena hat gewonnen, Eurovision Song Contest, #eurovison, Uribarri, Diges, Songcontest, Eurovision Song, Apricot Stone, Jessy Matador, Armenien, Eurovision Songcontest, Didrik, Safura, Lena, #eurovision, Madcon, Songfestival, Sind Lena, Herzegovina
    5 Justin Bieber 1 2,757 Justin Bieber released his newest music video, "Never Say Never" featuring Karate Kids' Jaden Smith, for the the new 'Karate Kid' movie. Brazillian Justin Bieber fans want him to come on tour to their country. Beliebers found a way around Bieber not being able to trend.
    Subtrends include: #neversaynever, Brazil_BustinJieber, #thankyoujustin, #happybdayjazzy, BrazilWaitsForBustinJieber, Brazil_NeverSayNever, UK_Bustin, ComeToBrazilJieber BR_NeverSayNever, Never Say Never, JBBrazil_NeverSayNever JieberIntoBRHearts, Eenie Meenie, ComeToBrazilBieber_NeverSayNever, Jaden Smith, NEVERcomeToBrazilJustinBieber, Say Never, BrazilNeedsBustinJieber, ComeToBrazilJieber, Another Hint
    6 Soccer/Football (various sports brands) 1 2,344 Tweets about various teams, players and games.
    Subtrends include: Bofo, Zimb�bue, Michel Bastos, Aguirre, Ombrinho Ombrinho, Ch'charo, Porcus, Cannavaro, Neymar, Torres Nilo, Tello, Gano Mexico, Ar�bia Saudita, Gambia, Venado, Walcott, Elano, Porcus Tristes, Saudita, Fransa, Arema, Chicharito, Fossati, Andrezinho, Equidad, Chourio, Brasil 2x0, Gochos, Another Own Goal, Ledley, Sneijder, Brasil 3x0, Amistoso, Own Goals, 2x0, Bruno C?sar, Baines, Darren Bent, Cichero, Millwall, Niebla, Platini
    7 Lady GaGa 1 2,199 Lady RodriGaga is a Brazilian TV host (Rodrigo Faro) who was dressed like @ladygaga for his show. Fans are excited for the release of Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" music video. Lady Gaga's grandpa is in the hospital and gaga fans are wishing him to get well.
    Subtrends include: Lady RodriGaga, #AlejandroVideo, #gagalive, Faro dan�ando Lady Gaga, #HowAreYouGaga, #getwellgrandpagaga, #RIPlilmonster, RodriGaga
    8 Sex & the City 2 (Movie) 4 2,037 Tweets about the second Sex and the City movie.
    Subtrends include: SATC2
    9 NBA 1 1,933 Tweets about various teams, players and games.
    Subtrends include: #nawimstraight, #teamceltics, Alvin Gentry, Lakers won, Queensbridge, Artest, Dragic, NBA Finals, Craig Sager, Magics, Vujacic, Say Queensbridge, Sager, Jason Richardson, Eastern Conference Champs, Nate Rob , J-Rich, Steve Nash, Nate Robinson, Western Conference Champs, Say Queens Bridge, Rondo, Fouls, Suns, Jameer, Conference Champions, Celtics won, Vince Carter, Lakers-Celtics, Artest got, Paul Pierce, Sir Paul, Gundy, Dwight Howard, Garnett, Suns Lost, Celtics fans
    10 Kat Stacks 4 1,701 Kat Stacks is a hip-hop groupie who has blogged about her sexual exploits with some rappers, at times in unflattering terms. She is trending now because of a video that shows several men slapping & pushing her around is circulating on the Internet.

    For more information about What the Trend, visit the WTT FAQ. And check out WTT's Week in Review, compiled by its in-house editors and covering an expanded general list of Top 20 trends (including hashtag trends) here.

    Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. You can follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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