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One Path to Brand Buzz: Advertise Fast Food After 'Walking Dead' Zombie Feast

The Latest Social-Media Outbursts for Brands, Whether Expected or Not

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Sometimes a TV commercial is enough to get people talking about your brand. But just as often, it seems, social media takes up a brand only when a commercial plays into something the marketer never considered.

That was the case for KFC last week, according to the latest edition of our Brand Chatter Charts, which use Bluefin data to identify the brands getting the biggest lift in Twitter mentions and the role that TV played for each.

KFC wound up in our latest top 10 because of a TV ad, but not just for that ; viewers of "The Walking Dead" started talking about the brand when the ad followed immediately after a gruesome zombie meal on the show. Click "more info" on KFC's entry below to see the juxtaposition for yourself.

A KFC spokesman has said that the placement was "unfortunate" and that the marketer has "taken steps" to avoid a repeat.

Buffalo Wild Wings, meanwhile, continued to enjoy a long tail of chatter from commercials that aired earlier: Sprinklers turned on during the Dolphins-Seahawks game Nov. 25, prompting a lot of comparisons to Buffalo Wild Wings spots in which referees turn on the sprinklers to prolong a game. The restaurant chain previously got a lot of renewed buzz when the NFL's replacement referees repeatedly made questionable calls.

Mohegan Sun, for its part, secured the week's No. 1 spot without any national TV commercials on the air after a One Direction member tweeted about the band's show at the casino. One Direction, and their rabid fans on Twitter, earlier helped lift brands from FIFA Soccer to Pepsi in social media conversation.

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