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Rumor: Free Chipotle for a Kiss. Reality: Chipotle Just Got a Ton of Free Buzz on Twitter

Rival Chain Qdoba Really Did Promise Free Food for Valentine's Day

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Sometimes rumors can hurt a brand, but for Chipotle, gossip about a Valentine's Day promotion placed the burrito chain at No. 2 on the Brand Chatter Chart, meaning it got a big lift in mentions on Twitter -- without really doing anything.

Whispers online had it that the fast-food chain was giving free burritos to anyone who kissed in front of one of its locations on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately for all those hungry valentines out there, it wasn't true, as Chipotle pointed out on Facebook, calling the idea "a bad Internet rumor."

But the rumor came from somewhere. As it turns out, Chipotle's direct competitor Qdoba really was holding a Valentine's Day promotion. Any couple who kissed in its stores got a buy-one-get-one-free deal on entrees.

Not that this promotion would be so far-fetched for Chipotle. In a Halloween promotion last fall, the chain offered $2 burritos to anyone who showed up at a store in costume. That too sparked a huge amount of chatter on Twitter.

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