Social TV Blockbuster: The MTV Video Music Awards Totally Killed It Last Night

Trendrr Looks at Social-Media Response to Last Night's Other Big Event

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Never mind the Democrats. The biggest postgame celebration going on today is at MTV . Ad Age 's editorial partner Trendrr, the social-media monitoring firm, kept a close watch on MTV 's Video Music Awards, tracking both full-day conversation about the event (topping 19 million mentions) and chatter during its broadcast window (more than 13 million). Bottom line: This year's VMAs more than tripled the full-day social-media response of last year's events.

Beyond the fact that the show served up a steady parade of tweet-worthy stars -- see our chart below for the five that prompted the most mentions -- MTV obviously knows how to leverage its social advantage. "The VMAs are known for creating global, watershed moments in pop culture," MTV President Stephen Friedman told me. "Knowing that our fans are watching the show on television while actively discussing and sharing key moments on social, we've created a multiplatform digital ecosystem for those moments to be amplified in real time."

The effort isn't just assigned to a digital team. Every department that touches the show, from programming to promotion, is thinking about moments that might get viewers sharing, Mr. Friedman said. In other words, this is a social-TV victory by design.

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