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NFL Referee Lockout's Unexpected Beneficiary: Buffalo Wild Wings

But Google and Others Boost Their Twitter Mentions the Old-Fashioned Way

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Buffalo Wild Wings customers celebrate a bad call in the 'Overtime' spot.
Buffalo Wild Wings customers celebrate a bad call in the 'Overtime' spot.
Buffalo Wild Wings saw a big leap in brand mentions on Twitter last week, but not because of the TV spots it's introduced this year, according to the latest installment of our weekly Brand Chatter Chart, built with data from our editorial partner Bluefin Labs. Instead Buffalo Wild Wings turned out to be an unexpected beneficiary of all the griping about substitute referees in the NFL, who reminded fans of old Buffalo Wild Wings spots in which officials send games into overtime with willfully bad calls (so patrons can watch TV at the restaurant longer). You can watch one of the "Overtime" commercials by clicking "More Info" in Buffalo Wild Wings' entry below.

The referee lockout also drove a big lift in brand chatter for Foot Locker, whose employees wear refs' uniforms, according to Bluefin.

But some other brands winning lots of new Twitter buzz got there by leaning on traditional TV advertising. Google again increased its Twitter mentions with its commercials for the Chrome web browser. Fifa Soccer and McDonald's also loomed larger, partly because of their TV campaigns. And H&M continued to increase its presence on Twitter by running the Lana Del Rey spots that secured it a spot on our previous chart.

Check back next week to see which brands are lighting up on Twitter -- and why.

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