ABC Steals Some Thunder, But 'Nikita' Tops Check-Ins With a Rerun

The GetGlue Top 10, May 21-27

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In last week's chart tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue, Fox made waves and dominated TV check-ins, but this week ABC stole at least some of the social spotlight. Scroll down below the chart for some notes and context.

  • Nothing keeps "Nikita" fans from checking in and weighing in on the CW drama -- not even the fact that they've seen the episode before. The CW show continued its streak at the top of the chart this week, easily besting the runner-up -- the season finale of Fox's "Glee" -- by 10,000 check-ins. (That's despite approximately 6 million fewer viewers, according to Nielsen.) This week's rerun saw 50,000 fewer check-ins than last week, however, when the series' second season wrapped up. Look for a new No. 1 not too far down the road.
  • ABC had a respectable showing on the chart this week, winning the bottom three spots with several of its most popular shows. The soapy Hamptons hit "Revenge" made its first appearance on the chart at No. 9, thanks to a much-anticipated first-season finale. Meanwhile, ratings darling "Modern Family" finished its third season Wednesday night with upwards of 10 million viewers and a place on the check-in chart for the first time since March. The comedy has taken home truckloads of Emmys since debuting in 2009, and with critical acclaim to match its broad appeal, it's serving as the model comedy for network TV.
  • CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" -- which has often managed to win in the ratings and by social-TV measures like the check-in chart -- held steady at No. 6 this week after several consecutive drops on the chart. Finales are fueling social-TV surges for many shows, but "Big Bang" (like "Nikita") is charting even after that mark; its finale aired May 10.
  • Finally, HBO's fantasy juggernaut "Game of Thrones" climbed two spots this week to the No. 3 position, with its much buzzed-about second season drawing to a close. With "Nikita" numbers dropping fast and "Glee" finally shuttered for the summer, this grisly cable series could climb even higher on next week's chart. Its season finale airs Sunday.
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