Which New Rapper Crushed Taylor Swift and 'Romnesia' on the Twitter Chart This Week?

HootSuite's Twitter Week in Review, Oct. 19-25

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Our Twitter Week in Review chart uses data collected and parsed for Ad Age by the What the Trend (WTT) unit of HootSuite, the social-media management dashboard with more than four million users. (Last week's chart is right over here.) We're back today with Volume 30. Scroll down below the infographic for some context, and watch for a fresh edition of our Twitter Week in Review each Friday.

  • President Obama paid in the polls for his poor showing during his first presidential debate against Mitt Romney, and he's spent the weeks since making up it -- most recently aided by the almost constant use of the word "Romnesia" to describe his opponent's inconsistent policy positions. It's been panned by Republicans as petty and beneath the office of the president, while simultaneously championed by Democrats glad to finally have a memorable way to refer to Romney's flip-flopping, considered one of his most critical political vulnerabilities. The term is also very social-media-friendly, so its place high on the chart as the campaign draws to a frantic close is no surprise.
  • Just over a month after launching the newest iteration of its tremendously profitable iPhone, Apple announced a new, smaller version of its iPad this week to mixed reaction from the Twittersphere. Some expected a lower price for the long-anticipated iPad Mini, which will hit shelves starting at $329, but many were glad to see a more mobile-friendly tablet from Apple. One notable absence from the event Tuesday: any mention of a release date for the new, redesigned iTunes 11 (also a trend), which Apple first described last month along with the iPhone 5.
  • Kendrick Lamar
    Kendrick Lamar

  • You've probably noticed that Taylor Swift has had a big week. She released an album called "Red" that 's full of catchy crossover hits, and is expected to have sold more than 1 million copies in its first week -- a rare achievement in 2012 and even more remarkable considering her previous album achieved the same mark. It's a feat achieved largely thanks to the deluge of marketing partnerships surrounding its release. Target has offered an exclusive deluxe version of the album itself, while retailers like Macy's and Walgreens and even Papa John's Pizza are all running their own campaigns to make "Red" the best-selling album of the year. And she's handily outsold rapper Kendrick Lamar, who also released an album this week (his first on a major label) that is expected to have moved 225,000 copies. Although Swift's name is on the tip of every marketer's tongue, Lamar -- still a relative unknown outside of well-versed hip-hop fans -- provided far more room for discussion among Twitter's large and famously vocal rap fan base.
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