Twitter Week in Review: Kristin Stewart, Instagram, 'Dear Santa' (?) and a Terrorist

HootSuite's Twitter Week in Review, April 5-12

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Two weeks ago, we introduced the new Twitter Week in Review chart, which uses data collected and parsed for Ad Age by What the Trend, a HootSuite media company. (Last week's chart is right over here.) We're back today with Volume 3.

Scroll down below the infographic for some context -- and watch for a fresh edition of our Twitter Week in Review each Friday.

  • Thank you, Twitterers, for being so helpful -- reminding all of us about Easter ("Happy Easter" is our No. 1 trend of the week), Good Friday (No. 3; our weekly chart window is Thursday to Thursday), National Tell a Lie Day (at No. 4; an apocryphal -- of course! -- holiday) and Kristen "Twilight" Stewart's birthday (No. 8). (Rumor has it what Stewart really wanted for her birthday was a new facial expression.)
  • "Dear Santa" is our No. 5 trend of the week. Wait, what? Yeah, that 's exactly how much of the Twittersphere reacted to seeing this topic trend -- and of course tweeting confusion about a trend only makes it trend more. Still, many Twitterers were all too happy to use the trend to create gift wish lists for themselves, while others used it as an excuse for comedy -- e.g., @CristionDior: "Dear Santa, Please tell me how you managed to stop at three Ho's. Sincerely, Tiger Woods #LOL." Boom-tish!
  • Just in case you think Twitter Trending Topics are only about silliness, here's some background on the man in the No. 9 spot, courtesy of The Guardian: "Abu Hamza can be extradited to US, human rights court rules: Radical cleric can be sent to US to face terrorism charges, along with four other men held in Britain."
  • For trend definitions in our Top 10 not covered above, visit What the Trend.
  • If you're wondering what the "OOMF" in #DearOOMF is in our Top 5 Memes sidebar (where we stick so-called hashtag trends), you're possibly not spending too much time on Twitter thinking about Twitter. (Good for you!) OOMF = One Of My Followers. Meanwhile, Instagram takes the No. 1 spot in our Top 5 Brands section -- no surprise, since this week Facebook bought it for $1 beeeeeelion dollars.
  • As with our Top 10 list, you can find more details about our Top 5 Memes and Top 5 Brands at What the Trend.

Simon Dumenco is the "Media Guy" media columnist for Advertising Age. Follow him on Twitter @simondumenco.

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