TV Guide Agrees With Us: TV Is Too Gory!

GetGlue's Top 10 Checked-in TV Shows of the Week, Nov. 28-Dec. 4

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The ever-cheery 'Walking Dead' is on break until February.
The ever-cheery 'Walking Dead' is on break until February. Credit: AMC

For awhile now in this space -- our weekly charticle tallying the top TV shows on entertainment check-in service GetGlue -- we've been remarking about how dark and gruesome prime-time television has gotten lately. So we perked up when we spotted a short piece by Michael Schneider in the new issue of TV Guide titled "Is TV Too Gory?" It's pretty clear that headline is meant to pose a rhetorical question, judging by the story's lead:

When you absolutely, positively have to determine whether a zombie has devoured a missing girl, there's only one thing to do: Shoot it in the head and disembowel what's left of the flesh-eater's rotting corpse.

Schneider is talking, of course, about a scene from AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead." Which, if you're feeling a little gored out, you may be relieved to learn has at least temporarily released its death grip on our weekly chart -- because it's on break after airing its mid-season finale.

As we predicted last week, this week's chart has undergone a bit of a shake-up as a result of the zombie vacation and the recent "Dancing with the Stars" finale. A few notes:

  • The CW is this week's big winner, taking 5 of the 10 spots on our chart. (Take that , Fox and FX.) The CW's "Nikita" surges into the No. 2 spot thanks to the airing of a new episode (or "all-new episode!" as the networks would say), though the show is now back on break until Jan. 6.
  • The team at GetGlue points out that "Fringe" is also on break. With "Dancing on the Fringe with the Walking Dead" M.I.A., The CW's "Gossip Girl" and "Ringer" found room in our Top 10, along with "Nikita."
  • If you missed the latest "Gossip Girl," here's a quick recap: Chuck Bass ripped off the top of Nate Archibald's skull with just his teeth, then made himself a quick dinner of Nate's brains. Just kidding! That probably won't happen until season 8 or 9.

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